The Doors will Open in 2026

The finished complex will be open for visitors during Oulu’s European Capital of Culture year 2026. The estimated cost of the project is over 36 million €, and it is one of the largest cultural investments in the city of Oulu’s history. The building complex will be 8 200 square meters large and will include, for example, eight exhibition halls, an immersive multimedia facility, workshops, a restaurant, a store and workspaces for approximately 40 employees.

A public architect tendering for the design of the building complex was held in 2022, and the entry designed by the Architecture Firm OPUS Oy and Simon Mahringer, Loggia, won. The head implementer of the project is KTC Group Oy.

Follow the construction progress of the complex on the Property and Facilities Management Services of Oulu’s webpage (in Finnish) 

Oulun museo- ja tiedekeskuksen rakennuksen ulkokuva

Photo: Arkkitehtitoimisto OPUS Oy & Simon Mahringer

Brand-new Activities

The Science Centre Tietomaa, the Museum of North Ostrobothnia and brand-new services will be located in the building complex. Other familiar attractions will also see a comprehensive renovation before re-opening.

The facilities will make brand-new cooperation and the creation of new and unparalleled worlds of experience possible. Dynamism, communality and innovativeness will be emphasized in the new activities.

The annual attendance goal is over 200 000 visitors.


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Contact information

Pekka Olsbo

Director of the Oulu Museum and Science Centre

Pasi Kovalainen

Director of cultural heritage work

Anna-Riikka Hirvonen

Director of audience engagement

Riikka Harjula

Digital communications specialist