The stories of the North, collected and preserved by the Oulu Museum and Science Centre, are told at nine popular destinations for visitors and tourists.

The Oulu Museum and Science Centre consists of the Oulu Art Museum, Science Centre Tietomaa, the Kierikki Stone Age Centre, the North Ostrobothnia Museum and the Turkansaari Outdoor Museum.

In addition to the Turkansaari Open Air Museum, the outdoor museum unit of the North Ostrobothnia Museum includes the Seaman’s Home Museum, the Oulu Castle Cellar, the Oulunsalo Museum of Local History and the Pateniemi Sawmill Museum.

Rauha Mäkilä: I Wanna Rock Your Body (detail), 2007, collections of Oulu Art Museum. Photograph: Mika Friman. © Kuvasto 2023 

Oulu Art Museum

Celebrating its 60th anniversary, the Oulu Art Museum is the North museum of contemporary art and is here for you.

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Science Centre Tietomaa

The exploration of learning will continue again after the renovation and new construction are completed in 2026.

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Kierikki is a science centre focusing on the Stone Age and based on archaeological research.

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North Ostrobothnia Museum

North Ostrobothnia Museum – exploring the past since 1896.

Turkansaari Open Air Museum

Welcome to Finland's second oldest outdoor museum on an island in the beautiful Oulu River.

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Sailor's Home Museum

Discover the lives of Oulu sailors, the history of Pikisaari and the history of the museum building, the Matila House.

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Oulu Castle Cellar

Did you know there used to be a castle in Oulu too?

Oulunsalo Museum of Local History and Culture

The Oulunsalo Museum of Local History and Culture introduces you to the history of Oulunsalo, its historic buildings and interesting details.

Pateniemi Sawmill Museum

A shipyard, a sawmill and a dense industrial community – the Pateniemi Sawmill Museum invites you to discover the fascinating history of Pateniemi!