As the regional museum in charge, we serve and advise local museums, municipalities, communities and individuals in the region of North Ostrobothnia on the preservation and conservation of cultural heritage. Our main task is to guide and promote the protection and preservation of cultural heritage in North Ostrobothnia.

The museum researcher in charge of regional museum work, together with a renovation expert, offers expert advice on issues such as:

  • cataloguing and maintenance of museum collections
  • conservation and restoration of museum buildings
  • applying for and using discretionary state grants awarded annually by the Finnish Heritage Agency to non-professional museums
  • planning of museum exhibitions
  • preservation of intangible and living cultural heritage.

The North Ostrobothnia Museum organises training events focusing on museums and heritage conservation, including museum nights, workshops and lectures. Museums in North Ostrobothnia can join our Teams channel intended for local museums by contacting the museum researcher in charge. There is also cooperation with schools and educational institutions. You can see our museums on the map below.

Our area of operation is the whole of North Ostrobothnia, the second-largest province in Finland, and covers 19 municipalities and 11 cities. Almost every municipality has a local museum, while some have more than one. Museums run by local heritage associations and clubs are often maintained by volunteers, whose effort in preserving and protecting local culture is very important.

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North Ostrobothnia Museum's regional advisory service

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