As the main regional art museum, Oulu Museum and Science Centre provides services and assistance to cities, municipalities, local museums, communities and private citizens in North Ostrobothnia and Kainuu in questions related to visual art and visual cultural heritage.

Oulu Art Museum has provided regional services since the 1980s. We currently serve 38 municipalities. There are two professionally maintained, state-funded art museums in the region: the Oulu Art Museum and the Kajaani Art Museum.

Local art museums in the region include the Vilho Lampi Museum in Liminka, Gallery Oskari Jauhiainen in Kiiminki and the Kyösti and Kalervo Kallio Museum in Nivala, maintained by the cultural service units, associations and volunteers of the respective municipalities.

Regional art museum work at the Oulu Art Museum is currently carried out by a museum researcher in charge and one conservator. In addition, we have the expertise of the entire staff of the Oulu Art Museum and the Oulu Museum and Science Centre at our disposal on a case-by-case basis.

Key values in our work are openness, collaboration and dialogue.

Information Services

Regional art museum information services

We provide services and advice on visual arts and visual cultural heritage.

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