What is the Oulu Museum and Science Centre?

The Oulu Museum and Science Centre is the museum body responsible for museum work in North Ostrobothnia. We produce, archive and exhibit North science, art and history. We also promote cooperation around the themes in the region.

What is our mission?

We tell the stories of the North that we collect and cherish in nine museums that you can visit. Our mission is to provide information and expertise on local and regional cultural heritage to local museums, public authorities and private citizens.

Where are we?

Our museums are in different parts of Oulu. In 2026, we will have new premises in Myllytulli, where we plan to open a novel concept in Finland that brings together future and history. In the new premises you will find Science Centre Tietomaa, the North Ostrobothnia Museum and our expert services.

You can find the contact details of the Oulu Museum and Science Centre staff below or in information services under each area of responsibility.

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