The Oulu Museum and Science Centre is the museum body responsible for museum work in North Ostrobothnia – for producing, archiving and exhibiting North science, art and history. Through our work, we strengthen the local identity by guiding and inspiring people today and by preserving what is important for future generations.

As the regional museum in charge, we also carry out official tasks and provide expert services in our field. Our main tasks are public outreach, building and maintenance of collections and preservation of cultural heritage and scientific capital.

Kädet kehystävät taustalla näkyvää vanhaa Merimiehenkotimuseo-puurakennusta.

Regional responsibility museum

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Towards the New

In the spring 2024, a new construction project began in Myllytulli, Oulu. The project ensures the suitability of the Oulu Museum and Science Centre’s facilities for the needs of the future. On top of the extension, a basic renovation and facility modifications will be made to the Science Centre Tietomaa’s protected main building. The Science Centre Tietomaa, the Museum of North Ostrobothnia and brand-new services will be included in the new complex.

The finished complex will be open for visitors during Oulu’s European Capital of Culture year 2026.

Oulun museo- ja tiedekeskuksen rakenneukokonaisuuden ulkokuva

Follow the construction progress

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Our museums

The Oulu Museum and Science Centre consists of the North Ostrobothnia Museum, the Oulu Art Museum, Science Centre Tietomaa, Kierikki and the Turkansaari Open Air museum. Specialty museums open in the summertime include the Sailor’s Home Museum, the Oulunsalo Museum of Local History and Culture, the Oulu Castle Cellar and the Pateniemi Sawmill Museum.

Our museums open the door to experiences that build learning, understanding and leadership. Welcome to knowledge, experience and history!

Poika astumassa vanhan puukirkon ovesta ulos hämärästä valoon.

Oulu Museum and Science Centre museums

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